Jalaun News: Katkhane Dog Bitten Two Calves And 12 People – Katkhane Dog Bitten Two Calves And 12 People

Kalpi-Rampura. The people of Mohalla Mirzamandi of the town are troubled by stray dogs. He has bitten 12 people including two calves of the cow on Thursday. Due to his fear, people are hesitating to come out of their homes.

Dozens of dog and monkey bites reach the CHC daily. The mason has also died three days ago while trying to avoid the attack of monkeys and everyone is struggling with this problem but is unable to get rid of it. Now the stray dog ​​in Mirjamandi locality of the city has become a problem for the residents of the locality. According to Mohalla resident Jagat Yadav, the dog bitten a dozen people and two calves including Kusmay, Avesh, Ehsaan, Siddharth, Akhilesh, Saurabh, Rafiq, Chhotu on Thursday morning itself.

Residents of the locality are shocked to see the aggressive dog. He is very careful while leaving the house. Special care is being taken regarding women and children. People have demanded the responsible people of the municipality to get rid of the menace of stray dogs. Municipality’s EO Vedprakash Yadav says that the incident has come to the notice. If the attacking dog is a stray, the municipality will catch it.

According to the Rampura representative, in the meeting of the area panchayat on Wednesday in the auditorium of the development block area, the head of Majith, Manjit Singh, in front of the block chief Ajit Singh, BDO Omprakash Dwivedi and all the officers, told the suffering of the villagers of his village and said that Majith village There is a gathering of about one hundred stray dogs. Most of them are dreaded. These dogs have made many people of the village their victims.

mule also bitten many

Kalpi. Many people were injured after being bitten by a mule in the mohalla powerhouse of the city. Stray dogs and monkeys had become trouble for the people in the city, but now mules are also attackers. As soon as they get a chance, they attack people and bite them. On Thursday afternoon, a mule bitten a woman Mankunwar and a young man passing on the powerhouse road. Both were admitted to CHC. People say that the stray mule roaming in the city for several days becomes an attacker on the people as soon as it gets a chance. Which has now bitten and injured many people, but the municipality administration has not made efforts to catch the attacking animals. Late in the evening, the municipal workers caught him. (Dialogue)

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