Plant these 3 plants in the house on this day, Mother Lakshmi will be happy

Remedy for Shukarwar: Plant these 3 plants in the house on this day, Mother Lakshmi will be happy

Remedies for Shukarwar: On this day Goddess Lakshmi is worshipped. Also, it is said that the person who pleases Goddess Lakshmi, there is no shortage of money in the life of Goddess Lakshmi.

Remedies for Shukarwar: In Vastu Shastra, many types of measures related to the happiness and peace of the house are told. Which people use in their life. According to beliefs, it is said that if we plant some such plants in our house on Friday i.e. today, then all kinds of dams coming in our life will be removed, along with it there will be rain of happiness, peace and wealth in the house. Everyone plants trees and plants, but which plants have to be planted for money, auspicious let’s know.

ashoka tree

In the scriptures, planting Ashoka tree in the house is considered very auspicious. Those people who do not have peace and happiness in their homes, as well as fights and quarrels happen daily, such people should plant Ashoka tree in their house. Due to this, there will be peace and happiness in the house, as well as love will increase with all the family members.

Tulsi plant

Although Tulsi plant is present in everyone’s house, but even today there are some people in whose homes Tulsi Mata is not kept. Tulsi is not only useful for diseases, but it removes the financial constraints of the house and removes all kinds of problems that come in life.

Shami plant

All people plant trees and plants in their homes, but every plant has a different importance in life, it is auspicious to plant some plants, while it is inauspicious to plant some plants, due to which planting only brings problems in the house. lives.

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