this is how introverts are

It is generally believed that introverted people do not talk to anyone, live alone. They have nothing to do with the country or the world. While all this is half-incomplete truth. The whole truth is that introverts live alone, but they are very serious and always keep a close eye on everything. Along with this, they also have many other qualities.
– He likes to be alone. They do not feel the need of anyone to spend their time with. He can sit alone for hours. Solitude does not bite him, but gives him comfort.
Introverted people do more deep things. He does not like to make small talk but likes to have an in-depth discussion on a topic of his choice. Another hallmark of being an introvert can be listening to people more attentively. It is often said about introverted people in general that they are good listeners.
They don’t speak anywhere and never. He chooses his words carefully, weighs them and then uses them before he speaks.
Introverted people do not like confrontation. He prefers to stay away from controversies. Even if they express their disagreement, but they do not like to argue too much about it.

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