Besides her husband Nasrullah, is Anju doing romance with her father?

Anju, who has gone to Pakistan with her boyfriend from Rajasthan, is now Fatimah and her discussion is loud and clear. A video on social media is becoming increasingly viral in which a woman is making a reel of a Bollywood song with two people. In this viral video, the woman is called Anju and one man is the father of Anju.

Anju is having a romantic relationship with her father

Anju is having a romantic relationship with her father

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People have claimed that Anju is close to her father-in-law besides her husband. When this viral video was investigated, the truth came out and the case turned out to be something else. The social media platform on Twitter is a handle whose name is our people. Just as this video came out, people were shocked and people started talking to each other.

विराल विडियो देसी लोगों डिखाउ कापी गुस्सा

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Allegedly, Anju’s viral video has been posted on this Twitter handle and the caption of the video reads that Anju, who arrived in Pakistan from India, is now getting a lot of love from her husband Nasrullah and his father. Wahi likha gaya hai ki Anju khushi se pahlehi nahin sama rahi hai aur dil kholkar sabke saath pyaar bant rahi hai hai.

Different information came out in the investigation

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Posted on July 27, this video has received more than 52000 views while 889 people have liked it. Let us tell you that this video has been retweeted more than 386 times and when this video was checked, the truth didn’t work.

অন্জু ন্যান ক্র্জা ক্র্য়্য হার্য স্র্যান গোশ হিয়া

When this video was checked, it was found out that the girl who is told by Anju is named Sarbani Ghosh, who is a digital creator. Viral Video Mehndi Christ Rabbani is a girl who looks like Anju on her social media platform. In the viral video, the people who claimed that it is absolutely false.

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