The run-out video of ‘Heaviest Cricketer’ Rahkeem Cornwall, which created panic on the internet

Rahkeem Cornwall, regarded as the ‘heaviest’ player in professional cricket, is a man who often grabs the attention of spectators whenever he enters the field. The West Indies all-rounder, who was representing the Barbados Royals in the Caribbean Premier League (CPL) 2023, was looking to take a dangerous single off the opening ball of the innings but found himself well away from the crease. Cornwall knew that his team would have to score quick runs to reach the 200-plus mark, but the big players were not quick between the wickets at the start of the chase.

Cornwall, an all-rounder for the West Indies national cricket team, often remains a topic of discussion among fans due to his size. Rahkeem has received valuable advice from several former athletes and professionals who advise him to control his weight better. The all-rounder is having trouble at this point in his career.

I am unable to modify my physical appearance. I can’t claim that I’m bigger than I need to be. I can only support myself and perform to the best of my ability.

“It cannot be denied.” Despite being such a big person that I must make an effort, I don’t let it slow me down or overwhelm me. I put in a lot of effort to stay fit. He had said.

In the game between the Barbados Royals and the senior Lucia Kings, Cornwall, who had excelled in Test cricket for the West Indies, did not bowl in the match and his performance at the plate was also without result.

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