Do you know that it affects the brain, more internet use

It is okay to do limited amount of internet. But if it is used for a long time, then it is also harmful for your brain. Scientists have revealed that high levels of internet use can alter the brain in ways that affect our attention, memory and social attitudes.

Joseph Firth of the University of Western Sydney, Australia, said in the study that the major findings of this report are that high levels of internet use can affect many brain functions. The researchers examined the leading hypotheses in this regard, how The Internet can transform cognitive processes.

Regarding this, Joseph Firth, Senior Research Fellow at Western Sydney University, Australia, said that this report mainly revealed that many parts of the brain can be affected by excessive use of the Internet. For example, continuous notifications and information coming from the internet motivates us to keep our attention towards it.

This affects the ability to focus on a single task. The researchers also examined the extent to which these hypotheses are supported by findings from recent psychological, psychiatric, and neuroimaging research. The more internet use is dangerous for the brain, the more it is responsible for sleep and stress.

Firth said that for example, messages received from the Internet motivate us to constantly keep our attention on them. As a result, it can reduce our ability to maintain attention on a single task.

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