People didn’t accept me in the 90s: Sushmita

Sushmita Sen is in discussion these days about her web series Tali. Meanwhile, the actress told that in the 1990s, due to her outspoken statements, big magazine companies did not include her on their covers. Sushmita said that she was often criticized for being out of line in her career choices and personal life. In the interview, Sushmita told that the world has started accepting her today, but earlier it was not so.
He said- ‘In the 90s, the thinking of the society was not like this. That’s why in those days speaking your mind or doing things of your mind used to show you wrong in front of people. People used to feel bad about these things. People used to say – don’t bring him in front of our children.
Sushmita further said- ‘There was a time when people used to tell magazine companies not to put me on the cover, because people used to have problems with my statements. I don’t consider them wrong, because my words were absolutely true and stinging.
Sushmita further said- ‘Despite all these things, I never stopped myself from speaking my mind. I thought that if people take away my freedom to speak my mind, what freedom will I really have?’
I had two options: be afraid to speak my mind or learn how to speak. I have improved the way I speak. Because I feel that earlier I did not have that way of speaking, which came with time.
Sushmita finally said – the world is now accepting those who speak their mind. Although, people still judge you, but it is much less than in the 90s.

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