Know what is the weekend marriage trend, know why it is becoming popular among the youth?

Know what is the weekend marriage trend, know why it is becoming popular among the youth?

Ascendant is considered with birth. It is said that after marriage the bodies of both the partners are different but the mind is one. However, you will be surprised to know that this is not the case in the wedding trend that has just started. Now there are also marriages in which the couple stays together only on weekends.

A unique wedding trend has started in Japan. In this marriage, the couple gets married only after the weekend. In such marriages both the partners live as a couple only on Saturdays and Sundays and thereafter both the partners are free. This trend is becoming very popular in Japan.

Weekend marriages are those marriages which are valid only on weekends. In this marriage, the couple stays with each other on weekends and stays apart for the rest of the day.

People believe that after marriage they do not get personal space. The trend of weekend marriage started from here. Due to which both the partners will be happy and love will also increase in the partner. Weekend marriage is a very good option for people whose job profiles are different from each other. The working hours are also not the same and the job locations are far from each other or in different cities. Such couples can spend quality time during the weekend.

Japanese people believe that by getting married, they can focus more on their careers and reduce the stress of the week by spending time with their families on the weekend. Women benefit more from this. Women can take time for themselves. She can give time to herself by taking care of her husband while avoiding the stress of the house.

Many people also believe that when you are apart for long periods of time and meet once a week, you have a lot to say to each other. There’s also a lot to share, both good and bad. In this way there is a feeling of closeness to each other.

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