Use this 1 thing mixed in bath water, skin will become soft

Protein, vitamins, phosphorus, magnesium and calcium are found in large quantities in milk. Consuming it regularly strengthens the bones and gives the body the power to fight against diseases. In such a situation, along with drinking milk rich in many nutritious elements, mixing it in water is also beneficial for bathing. Mixing milk in water and taking a daily bath helps in making the skin clean, glowing and soft.

for soft skin
Mixing 1 cup of milk in a bucket of water and taking a bath makes the skin soft. You can also add some rose petals to it. The difference is visible only after taking bath with this water continuously for 1 week. Apart from this, it helps in relieving the problem of dry skin by providing moisture to the skin.

for glowing skin

Lactic acid is found in milk along with elements like protein, calcium, vitamins etc. which cleanses the skin naturally. It repairs dead skin cells which makes the skin glowing and shiny.

for rashes

Mixing milk in water and taking a bath gets rid of the problem of itching and infection in the skin. Also, it removes skin irritation and cools it down.

for sunburn

By the way, girls use many creams or sunscreens to remove sunburn, but bathing by mixing water in milk gives quick relief from this problem. Apart from this, the marks on the skin due to sunburn are also removed.

for youthful skin

By adding water to milk and taking a bath daily, the skin becomes clean and young. It repairs the dead cells of the skin and nourishes it.

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