Kinnar gives this only to the lucky ones, how much will you gain if you get it.

Kinnar gives this only to the lucky ones, how much will you gain if you get it.

Live Hindi news :-Generally, many people get angry on seeing eunuchs or run away from them on some pretext or the other. It often happens that people change their ways while coming and going. But, you may not know that eunuchs have the blessings of God by which they can brighten the fortune of any person.

According to our culture, the tradition of giving alms to relatives has been going on for a long time. Even today, when there are good occasions in the house, we do not let the eunuchs go away empty-handed. It is believed that the prayers of eunuchs are very effective, their heartfelt prayers are capable of changing the future of any person. He is often seen on trains or on auspicious occasions.

Often we see eunuchs around us on auspicious occasions. In our society, who knows why we are kept away from transgenders. Perhaps this is the reason why they are compelled to donate their lives by blessing us on auspicious occasions and festivals. They do not get a place in the society like other people, due to which they have to earn a living.

Besides, did you know that relatives have both female and male qualities? According to our beliefs, it also happens in humans that the curse of Kinnar should never be taken. Because like a kin’s blessing, its curse can also turn out to be true. But yes. Mostly they are just giving blessings, and their blessings can make your life happy. This is the reason why people are happy to donate to eunuchs on auspicious occasions.

If you also want to free your family from problems, then you should not let the eunuch you come empty handed any day. If possible, give them a warm welcome, if they are happy with you and offer you prayers, you will be successful in your work. It also happens in humans that charity done to eunuchs is considered an inexhaustible virtue. This means that this virtue stays with you for the rest of your life, plus you reap its fruits for the rest of your life. His prayers protect the person from every calamity.

If the shemale is happy to give you a coin as a gift, then understand that your luck will shine. Or if the eunuch is happy with you, you can also ask him for a coin and if he gives that coin with love, then understand that Lakshmi’s blessings will start showering on you. There will never be shortage of money in your home. The glory of this coin will bring happiness, prosperity and peace in your home forever. The coin given by a eunuch should be kept in a red cloth, in a purple ring or in a safe at home or office. If there is no safe in the house, keep this item in the place where jewelery and money are kept. By doing this, there is never any shortage of money in the house.

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