Education and health will make the life of laborers and farmers better: Birla

Speaker of Lok Sabha called for making Dabi green

quota. Om Birla News: Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla said that Dabi has an important contribution in the economic prosperity of Hadoti. The brightness of the stone here has spread to faraway countries. The full credit for this goes to the hardworking workers here. Farmers have also played an important role in making the stony land here green. We will improve the lives of workers and farmers here by ensuring quality education and health services. He was interacting with the enlightened people on Sunday after the launch of the plantation drive organized by the Bundi Sand Stone Mines Honors Development Committee.

Speaker Birla said that mines owners planted lakhs of saplings on the stony ground with their efforts and protected them till they became trees. Now the mines owners should prepare an action plan for the proper use of the water that is filled in the mines here. Try that the water that is filled in the mine can be used for drinking water and irrigation. In this, if they need help at a higher level, it will be made available to them.

Birla said that with the aim of ensuring availability of quality education to the children of laborers working in the area, classrooms have been constructed in many government schools of the area. In the remaining schools, classrooms will also be made in the coming time. We want that the children of laborers should also get education and establish a place for themselves.

On the demand of the villagers to improve the health services, Birla said that the Mines Honors should prepare a framework for organizing health check-up camps for all the people in the area. He will send doctors, test equipment, medicines. Health check-up of all the people of the area will be done in the next three months. Any person found to have a serious illness will be treated at a proper treatment center. Sonography machine will be made available in the area. Will try to get the X-ray machine and ambulance repaired, if not successful in that, new ones will also be made available. But no one will be allowed to be deprived of treatment due to absence.

improve power supply officer: Many farmers complained to Speaker Birla about power supply only for 2 to 3 hours a day. The farmers said that there is no electricity and no rain is coming, due to which their crops are getting ruined. Birla said that the electricity officials have been asked to ensure proper availability of electricity to the farmers as soon as possible. The crops of the farmers will not be allowed to go waste due to lack of water. He told MLA Ashok Dogra that if there is no improvement in the power supply, then take the farmers along and start a mass movement.

Villagers came against KDA: During and before the event, villagers, farmers and workers openly protested against the inclusion of villages in Barad area in the KDA. While going from Kota to Dabi, the people of Khadipur village also opposed the inclusion of their village in KDA in front of Speaker Birla. The villagers said that on the pretext of KDA, the eyes of the land mafia are on the land of the village. Farmers and workers in Dabi said that joining the KDA of the area would affect their daily life and economic condition with dire consequences. MLA Ashok Dogra also termed the decision to build KDA as anti-people. He said that the KDA Bill was passed in 30 seconds amid uproar in the Vidhan Sabha. We have complained to the governor and urged him not to give assent to the bill. Speaker Birla said that villages should be included in KDA only after obtaining consent. In a democracy, decisions are made with consensus after discussion and dialogue. The same procedure should be followed in case of KDA also.

No shortage of money for community building: During the program, people in one voice demanded Speaker Birla to construct a community building and a playground in Dabi area. Speaker Birla said that he should make land available, such a playground would be built in the area which would not be there even in Kota and Bundi. There will be no shortage of money for the expansion of sports facilities. Earlier also such a demand was made, even then he had said that the constraint was the availability of land.

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