Desh: I didn’t name any leader, party, know what teacher Karan said when he was fired

Teacher Karan Sangwan who used to teach at Unacademy. During a class, he told his students to vote only for educated people, then Unacademy fired him from the job saying that the classroom is not a place for personal opinion and views and Karan Sangwan violated the code of conduct of our educational institution. Violated that’s why we have to part with them. Since the removal of the teacher from the job, he has been continuously in the headlines. Various types of reactions have come out on this matter from all the corridors.

Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal said

Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal also expressed surprise over the unacademy and said whether asking people to vote for an educated person is a crime. He said that if a person is illiterate, I respect him personally. But public representatives cannot be illiterate. This is the era of science and technology. Illiterate public representatives can never build the modern India of 21st century.

I didn’t say anything wrong – Karan Sangwan

On the other hand, on the matter itself, Karan Sangwan uploaded a video on his YouTube yesterday, in which he is seen saying that he did not take the name of any leader or political party, rather he said people. Knows how to make a fuss out of things. People sitting idle who have no work presented my point in such a way as if I had asked for someone personal. He also said that he has got the support of the people in the country with a majority. People said that Karan Sangwan has not said anything which is wrong, he has done the work of giving right direction to the people.

Learning is not just what you study in the classroom

There he also said that,Being a teacher, I have a duty. I can give proper guidance to my students. Because education is not just what you are studying in the classroom. Apart from this, how you sit in the society, how you get up, all this is also important. All this was taught to me by my teachers and this is what I was teaching to my students. For their better future.

Unacademy accused the teacher

Let us tell you that the academy where Karan Sangwan used to teach, the academy accused Karan Sangwan of violating the code of conduct of the academy. On this, Karan said that it is written in the code of conduct agreement that you will not make any “political statement”. But there is no definition of “political statement” anywhere as to what it is.

I will still stick to my word- Karan

He said, Unacademy sent me a screenshot of a tweet in his email, saying it was a “political statement”. Because of which his reputation was getting tarnished. I will always be sad that Unacademy did not even talk to me about this. But I’ll still stick to my point. I will tell the students in future also that you should choose an educated person. Because education plays an important role in everyone’s life.

Karan Sangwan is a resident of Haryana

Let us tell you that Karan Sangwan, who has become the subject of discussion in the country, is a resident of Haryana, who has done LLM in Criminal Law. Karan Sangwal has been serving as a teacher for more than seven years. From the year 2020, he was teaching at Unacademy. He also has a YouTube channel called Legal Pathshala. He has said that he will now give free education to children through his YouTube channel Legal Pathshala.

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