Are you using social media too much? So be alert now!

Social media and mental health: Today the craze of social media is being seen not only in youth but in people of all ages. Everyone is connected to some or the other social media platform to stay connected with friends, stay updated on what is happening in the outside world. It is a virtual world, which makes you feel close to friends even while staying far away, but do you know it is very dangerous for mental health. According to health experts, the use of social media can increase the risk of depression, stress, loneliness, negative thoughts of self-harm manifold. This thing has also been revealed in the research.

be careful with social media

The Pew Research Center surveyed over 1,300 teens about the impact of social media on mental health. It has been found that more than 35% people are spending their maximum time on any one of the top-5 social media platforms. These include YouTube, Tiktok, Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook. Whose maximum effect is seen on the mind.

mental health and sleep

Researchers at Iowa State University conducted a study in which they tried to find out how using social media for more than 30 minutes a day can affect the brain. The study found that students who cut down on their use for two weeks had better mental health and better sleep.

What do the experts say?

Psychiatrists say that if you reduce the time spent on social media, then anxiety, depression, loneliness and negative thoughts are reduced and positive energy comes. A study conducted at the University of Pennsylvania showed that the group that reduced their use of social media saw significant improvements in feelings of loneliness and depression within 3 weeks. Based on this, researchers say that social media also connects people virtually. But it also has serious disadvantages.

What does the study say?

This study shows that the minimum time should be spent on social media. Since social media is full of negative content, which directly affects the mind and its functioning. That’s why it is better that you yourself try to stay away from them slowly.

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