Tsunami of earnings at the box office, 230 days 119 movies… 6279.95 crore business, Bollywood’s Baja Danka

2023 All Movies Box Office Collection: It took a long time for Bollywood to emerge after Kovid Pandemic, now the car is back on track. In the years 2020 and 2021, due to Kovid, the industry struggled a lot. When the theaters opened, South films captured the box office. Bollywood movies were flopping badly one after the other. If you believe in the true sense, then in the year 2022, a mixed effect has been seen in hits and flops. But the year 2023 has proved to be the best for Bollywood so far. More than 119 films have been released so far this year. These films have so far done a gross business of Rs 6279 crores in India at the box office window. Let us know in detail which film did the highest collection.

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119 films earned a total of 6279.95 crores

So far in the year 2023, 119 films have been released and these films have grossed Rs 6279.95 crore at the Indian box office. If we talk about the net earnings at the Indian box office, then these films have collected Rs 5375.77 crore. Now whatever films are being released, the audience is showering their love on them. The recently released film ‘Gadar 2’ is not taking the name of stopping at the box office. So far in 8 days this film has earned more than 300 crores.

Which language film earned how much?

In Hindi Movie-2023, 64 Hindi-language films did a box office net business of Rs 2342.83 crore.

In Canada Movie-2023, 17 Canadian films did a box office net business of Rs 96.08 crore.

Malayalam Movie – 30 Malayalam movies in 2023 have so far done a net business of Rs 189.41 crore at the Indian box office.

In Tamil Movie-2023, 56 films have so far done a net business of Rs 984.41 crore at the box office.

Telugu Movie-2023 So far 63 Telugu movies have done a business of Rs 1097.84 crore at the box office.

10 highest grossing Bollywood movies in 2023

1-Pathan-Rs 543.05 crore
2-Gadar 2-304.13 crores
3-E Kerala Story – Rs 238.97 crore
4- Tu Jhooti Me Makkar – Rs 141.52 crore
5- Adipurush – Rs 141.08 crore
6- Rocky and Rani’s love story – Rs 140.02 crore
7-Kisi Ki Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan – Rs 110.03 crore
8- Zara Hatke Zara Bachke – Rs 110.03 crore
9-Bhola-Rs 71.22 crore
10-Shahzada- Rs 30.35 crore

Let us inform that so far 26 movies have been released in July this year. Which is increasing its box office earnings day by day.

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how many hits and how many flops

above average-1
below average-3
Alltime Blockbuster-7

All Language Top 10 Movies in 2023

1-Pathan-543.09 crore
2-Gadar 2-304.13 crore
3- Adipurush – 287.97 crores
4-Jailor-245.6 crores
5- The Keller Story – 241.74 crores
6-Ponniyan Selvan-1-181.96 crores
7-Varisu-178.14 crores
8- Waltair Veeraiah – 161.06 crores
9- Tu Jhoti Me Makkar – 147.28 crores
10- Rocky and Rani’s love story – 141.06 crores

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10 highest grossing movies of 2022

1-KGF Chapter 2-859.7 crores
2-RRR-782.2 crores
3-Avatar: The Way of Water – Rs 391.4 crore
4-Kantara – Rs 309.64 crore
5-Brahmastra Part One: Shiva – Rs 269.4 crore
6-Ponniyin Selvan – Part 1 – Rs 266.54 crore
7-The Kashmir Files – Rs 252.25 crore
8-Vikram – Rs 247.32 crore
9- Drishyam 2-239.67 crores
10-Bhool Bhulaiyaa Rs 2-184.32 crore

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