Eat basil leaves on an empty stomach daily in the morning and stay away from diseases

Digestion is done Basil leaves contain vitamin A, vitamin D, iron, fiber which boosts immunity. Along with this, it also strengthens the process of digestion. Tulsi balances acid reflux and balances the pH in the stomach.

Controls blood sugar Basil leaves contain such things which make the functioning of cells even better. Along with this, it also works to balance the level of blood sugar. Along with this, it also relieves the problems related to gas in the stomach.

Effective in cold and cold In the changing season, most of the people are troubled by cold and cold. If you want to avoid this, chew basil leaves daily. Tulsi leaves fight against harmful bacteria due to being an immunity booster.

Eat Tulsi leaves daily on an empty stomach in the morning and stay away from diseases

Relief from stress Basil leaves also work to relieve stress. It helps to relax the nervous system and increase blood circulation. If you have stress problem, then eat 4 leaves daily in the morning. It will improve your mood and control stress.

Brings glow to the skin Eating basil leaves daily in the morning also brings glow to the skin. The potent leaves of Tulsi draw out toxins from the blood and purify the blood. Along with this, the antioxidants present in basil leaves help in keeping the skin young.

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