Chandrayaan-3 will not land on the moon on 23rd, shocking news came out, now landing can happen on 27th

New Delhi: Chandrayaan-3 Landing – The landing of Chandrayaan-3 on the moon has been scheduled for 23rd and the whole country is waiting for this day. But in the meantime a very big news is coming out. According to the news, the landing date of Chandrayaan-3 can be extended further. Regarding this, a statement has been issued on behalf of Nilesh M. Desai, Director of Ahmedabad-based Space Applications Center-ISRO.

In his statement, Ahmedabad-based Space Applications Center-ISRO Director Nilesh M. Desai said that 2 hours before the landing of Chandrayaan-3 on the moon, we will take stock of both the moon and the lander and only after that it will be decided that on 23rd Whether to get Chandrayaan 3 landing on the moon or not?

At that time, if it seems that the situation of either the lander or the moon is such that there may be trouble in landing, then we can extend this date to 27th August. But he also said that we will try our best to get Chandrayaan 3 landing on the moon on 23rd August itself.

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