Construction of 2600 sqm state-of-the-art railway community building in Kota

quota. Railway Community Hall: The redevelopment of West Central Railway’s Kota and Dakaniya Talav stations has gathered pace. The construction works of Kota and Dakaniya Talav stations are also being reviewed continuously. The redevelopment work of Kota railway station will be done at a cost of Rs 207.63 crore.

Senior Divisional Commercial Manager Rohit Malviya told that it will be completed by April 2025 and the redevelopment work of Dakaniya Talav Railway Station will be done at a cost of 111.19 crores. Which will be ready by October 2024.

In the redevelopment work of Kota station, a railway institute and community building is being constructed in an area of ​​2600 square meters at a cost of 14.65 crores, the work of which is going on at a fast pace near the TA camp, which includes state-of-the-art facilities. Which will be better facilitated for the wedding programs and other functions of the children of railway personnel.

These facilities will be available in Railway Institute and Community Hall

  • Best Show Stage
  • two synthetic badminton courts
  • Colorful Lighting Garden
  • Indoor and outdoor kitchen facilities
  • Best parking for two wheelers and four wheelers
  • Other modern infrastructure

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