The bell of love rang in Ishaan’s heart! Deadly attack on Savi

The bell of love rang in Ishaan's heart!  Deadly attack on Savi

Tremendous drama is being seen in the story of the serial ‘Gum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein’. In the coming episodes, Savi starts making efforts to get the culprits punished. At the same time, Ishaan also gets worried about Savi and will be ready to support her. Savi will be shocked to see Ishaan’s changed face. Till now you have seen that Savi creates a huge ruckus in Ishaan’s college. Ishaan tries to handle the spectacle.

Deadly attack on Savi

Savi calls the media to Ishaan’s college. Meanwhile, another spectacle is going to happen in the story of the serial ‘Gum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein’, seeing which the ground will slip under your feet. In the coming episodes, we will see Yashwant plays a new game to teach Savi a lesson. Yashwant will send goons to attack Savi. The goons first demand money from Savi and then will be seen threatening to kill him.

Ishaan will go to jail
Savi will panic on hearing the words of Yashwant’s goon and will try to run away from there to save her life. Savi will call Isha without thinking twice. Savi will tell that her life is in danger. Savi will decide to come back home. Isha will not let Savi go anywhere from the college. Savi will tell everything to Isha on the phone. Isha will tell all this to Ishaan over phone. First of all, Isha will scold Ishaan a lot. After that Isha will talk about sending Ishaan to jail.

Ishaan will support Savi
Ishaan will visit Savi in ​​college. Ishaan will pacify Savi and tells him not to worry, I am with you. Meanwhile, Ishaan is about to arrange the board meeting without delay. Savi will tell everyone the truth of the goons. Ishaan will also forget the old things and support Savi.

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