Farrukhabad: 250 girl students of State Girls Inter College ate medicine to prevent filariasis, six days are left for the campaign, the remaining medicine must be taken – CMO

Filaria eradication campaign is currently going on in the district on 22 August 2023, which will continue till 28 August. In this episode, on Tuesday, the girl students, principal and teachers were given anti-filarial medicine by setting up booths at the Government Girls Inter College, Fatehgarh. During this, the district school inspector Neeraj Kumar, after consuming the anti-filarial medicine, said that all the children and teachers should take this medicine. Must take medicine
Chief Medical Officer Dr. Avnindra Kumar said that to keep people safe from filariasis in the district, the prescribed dose of medicine is being fed following the standards. Now six days are left in this campaign, everyone must take the medicine.
Deputy Chief Medical Officer Dr. RC Mathur, who was present during this time, told that hydrocele, elephantiasis, swelling of breasts of women are all symptoms of filariasis, which is spread by mosquitoes. Especially through Culax female mosquito. When this mosquito bites a person suffering from filarial disease, he (mosquito) gets infected. Then when this mosquito bites a healthy person, the parasites of filariasis enter his body through the blood. Most infections remain unrecognized or silent and are detected after a long time. Usually the effect of this disease is visible in five to 15 years. This disease is incurable. Its prevention and prevention is the only solution. It is necessary to take this medicine even if the symptoms of filariasis are not visible.
Dr. Mathur told that the anti-filarial medicine should not be taken on an empty stomach. This medicine is to be taken after having food. Dr. Mathur said that 250 girl students took anti-filarial medicine on Tuesday.
Dr. Nityanand Thakur from the World Health Organization said that anti-filarial medicine will keep us all safe from disease, so everyone should take this medicine.
During this, SFW Shyam Mohan, Principal of Government Girls Inter College, teachers and girl students were present.

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