Country: Russia’s Luna-25 crashed, Russian space agency told the main reason for Moon mission failure, learn here

Russia’s Moon mission has suffered a major setback. Russia’s Luna-25 has crashed on the moon. In such a situation, now the hope of Russia reaching the moon is over.

Reason for the failure of Luna-25

According to the information received in the media report, Yuri Borisov said that the mission to reach the moon will not be stopped under any circumstances. Aborting the mission would be the worst decision. At the same time, the head of the space agency attributed the failure of Luna-25 to the country’s long wait. He said that about 50 The failure of Luna-25 is the main reason for stalling the mission to reach the moon for years.

Luna-25 crashed

Let us tell you that on August 11, at 4.40 am, the Luna-25 lander was launched from Russia’s Vostoni Cosmodrome. Luna-25 was sent to the Moon in Soyuz 2.1B. It was named Luna-Globe Mission. The length of the rocket was about 46.3 meters, while its diameter was 10.3 meters. Russia’s space agency Roscosmos had said that Luna-25 has left for the moon. For five days it will move towards the moon. After this, the rocket weighing 313 tonnes will revolve around the moon for 7-10 days. However, now Luna-25 has crashed.

Luna-24 landed on the moon in 1976

However, it was expected that Luna-25 would reach the lunar surface on 21 or 22 August. At the same time, Chandrayaan – launched by India on July 14, will land on the moon on August 23. The time of landing on the moon of Luna-25 and Chandrayaan-3 was going to be almost the same. Luna would have landed on the lunar surface a few hours earlier. Russia had earlier landed Luna-24 on the moon in 1976. All the moon missions that have happened so far in the world have reached the moon’s equator.

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