Know which vehicles will be subjected to India crash test on August 22

India NCAP Crash Test Assessment Program

The Indian automotive industry is now ready to achieve a significant milestone. NCAP program is now being introduced in India too. The Bharat New Car Assessment Program (Bharat NCAP) crash test assessment program will be launched in India on 22 August. This work will be done by the Indian Ministry of Road, Transport and Highways. By doing this, the Government of India is trying to improve the safety standards of vehicles even in India. Let us know about this India NCAP crash test program.

one step to safety

NCAP Crash Test
NCAP Crash Test

India NCAP is poised to be a significant step towards improving the safety of vehicles on Indian roads. In this program, you get to see the standards of Global Crash Test Rating. In this car crash test, each vehicle will be given a star rating between 1 to 5 in each test. Each subject car will be subjected to a number of different tests, with a variety of tests examining structural safety, active and passive safety assist technologies, pedestrian-friendly design, and adult and child safety. will go.

eligibility criteria

Under the India NCAP crash test program, the vehicles will have to stand on some specific parameters, then only that vehicle will be considered eligible for the crash test. These parameters include some parameters such as the vehicle must be able to seat at least 8 people, the gross weight of the vehicle must be less than 3.5 tonnes and the vehicle must either be made in India or imported. Many different types of vehicles are included in this program, such as petrol, diesel, CNG and electric vehicles.

Indian exports will increase

NCAP Crash Test
NCAP Crash Test

Apart from protecting Indian customers, the Bharat NCAP crash test program also aims to increase the value of Indian vehicles that are exported. When global standard tests are done on vehicles made in India, then on getting good ratings, the reputation of vehicles made in India will automatically start increasing in the international market. By doing this, India really wants to increase the demand of Indian vehicles in the global market, which will greatly benefit the Indian export industry. And the foreign paddy amount will come in the country’s paddy fund.


like india NCAP Crash test will start doing its tests on Indian vehicles, similarly all the manufacturers in India will also start giving more importance to safety in their vehicles than before. Also, with the help of voluntary crash testing, all the manufacturers will have an opportunity to showcase the safety of their vehicles and win over all the customers in the market. This step of the Government of India is not only a good bad for Indian customers, but at the same time it will be effective in improving the image of India’s vehicles at the global level as well.

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