Farrukhabad: Lightning wreaked havoc in the midst of sudden rain

On one hand the farmers have to face the flood. So there the crops of the fields are being destroyed and now the news of lightning has also been received here as a calamity. On the other hand, due to the continuous rise in the water level of the Ganga, the houses of the farmers have been flooded and the agriculture has been destroyed, the farmers have become dependent on various works to raise their children. So in today’s rainy season lightning created havoc in Patti Khurd village. In which two buffaloes of village resident Asaram Pal were tied under a tree, here lightning fell on the buffaloes and the buffaloes died immediately. And the other buffalo is said to be injured. On getting the information, the people of the village reached the spot and Riddhi Pal, close to Saram, informed the journalists. Journalists immediately reached here and covered the incident, according to the information, Asaram is now destitute, they demand from the administration that compensation should be given to them, so that they can take another buffalo and feed the children.

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