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Advocating resumption of talks with Pakistan, diplomat-turned-politician Mani Shankar Aiyar says India will not be able to take its rightful place in the world as long as its western neighbor remains “our ji ka janjal”.

mention of pak in autobiography

The Congress leader has devoted an entire chapter to his Pakistan tenure in his autobiography “Memoirs of a Maverick – The First Fifty Years (1941-1991)”. Please tell that Iyer has served as the Consul General of India in Karachi from December 1978 to January 1982.

People of Pakistan do not consider India as enemy.

In an interview with news agency PTI on his new book published by Juggernaut Books, Aiyar said that the best phase of his bureaucratic career was undoubtedly his tenure as Consul General in Pakistan. He has discussed his tenure of three years in great detail.

He said India’s “biggest asset” in Pakistan is the people there who do not consider it an enemy country.

Pakistan and its people are not enemies: Aiyar

Aiyar said, “I have come to the conclusion that whatever be the point of view of any section of the army or politics, as far as the people of Pakistan are concerned, they are neither an enemy country nor do they consider India as an enemy country.” .

People are becoming victims, not Pak army

Aiyar said that for the last nine years all talks between India and Pakistan have stopped. The Congress leader said that before Narendra Modi became the prime minister, almost every prime minister, if they had time, was trying to have some sort of dialogue with the Pakistanis, but now we are at a standstill and this should be stopped. The only victims are the public.

The Congress leader said that nothing is going wrong with the Pakistan Army due to non-talks, rather the people there are becoming victims. A large number of relatives of people from there live in India and many of them wish to visit our country, which they are not able to do now.

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