Who is using the mobile number in your name, know in a pinch

Do you also have a doubt that someone else is using the SIM card in your name? If yes then this news is for you. In this report, we will tell you the method with the help of which you will be able to know whether any other SIM card is running in your name or not. This facility has been given by the Department of Telecom. A portal has also been launched for this. Let’s know.

Department of Telecom has launched a portal with the domain The database of all mobile numbers operating across the country is uploaded in this portal. An attempt has been made to curb spam and fraud through this portal. If you feel that someone else is using a mobile number in your name, then you can complain in this regard through this website. Let us know how to use this website.

First of all open in your mobile phone browser or any laptop or any computer. After this enter your 10 digit mobile number. Now an OTP will come on your number. Enter that OTP and validate.

After validating the OTP, a complete list of all those numbers which are active in your name will appear in front of you. Out of them, you can report any number as per your convenience. After that the government will check those numbers which are running on your number and which you have complained about. is currently released for only a few circles. Soon it will be released in all circles. A maximum of nine numbers can be active on one ID, but if you see any such number in this portal which is in your name but you are not using it, then you can complain about the number. After this the government will block that number.

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