Avoid taking a bath in the waterfall, a shocking video surfaced

Monsoon season is going on and due to the accumulation of water on the mountains, water starts coming down in the form of waterfalls and many people take bath under these waterfalls carelessly. Now a video of the waterfall has come to the fore, in which there has been an incident of debris falling from the mountain on the people taking bath under the waterfall.

Recently, due to heavy rains in the state of Uttarakhand, the incidents of landslides are increasing, many people have lost their lives.

The condition is still bad, the Meteorological Department has issued an alert for heavy rains in these states during the next four to five days. Due to heavy rains, the river drains are running in spate

Loss of crores of rupees has been done due to landslides and rains, people’s life has become busy, police has appealed to the people to be safe, the administration is fully engaged to help the people.

Rescue teams are stationed at various places to help people in any trouble Some tourists were enjoying under the waterfall in shared windows

Suddenly the debris of the mountain fell on them, which screamed there, the police released the video and appealed to the people to stay away from the waterfalls.

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