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There were complaints about the lack of privacy and poor conditions. After which a toilet with a five feet high wall along with the door has also been made in the stuck jail cell. Imran Khan Imran Khan is serving a three-year jail term after being convicted in the Toshakhana corruption case. The former Prime Minister of Pakistan recently complained about the poor condition of the Attock jail and the lack of privacy and poor conditions. After which a toilet with a five feet high wall along with the door has also been made in the stuck jail cell. All facilities available under 257 and 771 of the Pakistan Prisons Rules, 1978 have been made available to the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chief, said a spokesperson of the Punjab Prisons Department (PPD), reported Geo News.

Complaint was made regarding privacy

The clarification by the spokesperson came after Additional District and Sessions Judge, Attock, Shafqat Ullah Khan visited 70-year-old Khan’s cell in Attock Jail and took note of his complaints and concerns regarding living conditions, including lack of privacy in toilets. And got it right.

The judge said in his comments on Monday that Khan had expressed “serious concerns” about the violation of his privacy during his visit and the current living conditions inside the jail.

Addressing concerns about no privacy in Khan’s bathroom, the spokesperson said a new washroom had been built in the PTI chairman’s chamber.

He said that the walls of the toilet have been kept five feet high and a door has also been installed. He said that a western commode and wash basin have also been installed.

Khan is serving sentence in stuck jail

The cricketer-turned-politician, who has a massive following across Pakistan, is currently serving a three-year sentence in Attock jail after being found guilty of corrupt practices in the Toshakhana case earlier this month.

During his meeting with the judge, Khan raised significant concerns about the CCTV cameras installed five to six feet in front of the prison bars, which also cover an open bathroom.

Regarding the CCTV cameras, the spokesperson said that these were installed outside the room.

The statement said that for the security of Imran Khan and the jail, CCTV cameras have been installed outside his room. For security purposes, more than 4,000 CCTV cameras have been installed not only in District Jail Attock but also in other jails of Punjab.

He further said that amenities such as bath soap, perfume, air freshener, towels and tissue paper were provided along with bedding, pillows, mattresses, tables, chairs, air conditioners and exhaust fans.

Many facilities are available in jail

Further, he said that five doctors were appointed for Khan, one of whom was available at all times and the PTI chief was given “special” food only after being examined by the doctors.

“Fruits, honey, dates, prayer mats, Quran and books have also been given,” the spokesperson said.

It was also reported that Khan complained that his wife and lawyers did not have easy access to him; The spokesperson, however, said that the PTI chairman’s family meets him on Tuesday, while his lawyer meets him on Thursday.

Khan’s wife Bushra Bibi had last week expressed concern about the possibility of her husband being “poisoned” during his imprisonment in Attock jail.

Wife had demanded to shift to another jail

In a letter addressed to the Home Secretary of Punjab on 17 August, Khan’s wife sought the transfer of the former prime minister from the district jail in Attock to the Adiala jail in Rawalpindi, expressing apprehension that he might be poisoned in the lock-up. May go.

According to the letter, the former prime minister’s life was in danger as he had been attacked twice earlier, in which his body was hit once by bullets.

The PTI core committee meeting was highlighted by the comments of Additional District and Sessions Judge Shafkut Ullah Khan, who “confirmed the ill-treatment being meted out to him (Khan) in Attock Jail”.

PTI said the judge’s report corroborates its claim that the PTI chairman was being treated inhumanely and illegally in the Attock jail.

Meanwhile, Caretaker Interior Minister Sarfaraz Bugti said the PTI chief was allowed to meet visitors and provided facilities as per the prison category he had applied for.

Bugti said he would certainly inquire with the Punjab government and the jail authorities about other issues raised in the inspection report, such as CCTV cameras.

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