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Tonk: After becoming a member of the Congress Working Committee, Sachin Pilot reached his constituency Tonk for the first time on Tuesday. During this, he indicated to contest the upcoming assembly elections from Tonk itself. Also claimed that Congress will win in Tonk by more votes than last time. During this, Sachin Pilot was welcomed from Jaipur to Tonk and the workers looked excited. Pilot also fiercely targeted the opposition leaders including PM Narendra Modi and CM Ashok Gehlot here. Taking aim, he said that my opponents should not consider the honor and respect kept by me as my weakness. Read here what Pilot said in his speech on 22 August. The double engine government failed everywhere. Sachin Pilot lashed out at the BJP government at the Center during the workers’ conference. Taking a jibe at PM Narendra Modi, he said that Modi ji has a selected dialogue. ‘Double engine government’. But this double engine government has now failed everywhere. He attacked and said that when we worked in Himachal, one of the double engines got seized in Shimla. Similarly, in Karnataka also one of the twin engines failed in Bengaluru. Attacking BJP, he said that BJP does politics of hypocrisy. Creates hatred among people. BJP does the work of collecting votes by taking the name of Mandir Masjid. He said that the BJP has failed miserably as the opposition at the center and in Rajasthan. This time Rajasthan’s history will change – Pilot Attacking BJP fiercely, he said that the way Congress has worked in Rajasthan. This time the history of Rajasthan politics is going to change because of him. Because BJP has this misconception that once Congress and second time BJP rule comes. But this time nothing like this is going to happen. He expressed confidence that this time Congress will form the government with more majority than last time. Opposition leaders including Gehlot again attacked fiercely, during his speech Sachin Pilot targeted fiercely without naming his opposition leaders including CM Gehlot. He said that in his political history of 20-25 years, he never used soft words for anyone. He said that all my critics, opponents or detractors have been there. I never insulted him. Rather have dealt with them with respect. But my opponents should not consider the respect I have kept as my weakness. After this statement of the pilot, once again there has been a boil in the political corridors. Once again, political experts have started speculating about the estrangement between Gehlot and Pilot. The special thing is that during his entire speech of 11 minutes and 16 seconds, Pilot did not name CM Ashok Gehlot even once. However, his words made it clear where he was aiming. Rahul Gandhi’s Bharat Jodo Yatra was praised fiercely. During this, Pilot praised Rahul Gandhi fiercely. He said that Rahul Gandhi is such a person. Who has done the work of connecting India. He said that Rahul Gandhi has played an important role in connecting people by walking 4000 kms. During this, the Government of India made several attempts to fail his visit. But the people of the country warmly welcomed Rahul Gandhi by spreading eyelashes. He said that wherever Rahul Gandhi has travelled. The Congress has become very strong at that place. Will challenge the central government by calling for estrangement, during this Pilot said that the Congress party is now united. In such a situation, now we are all united by calling small differences. Now all the Congress workers are united and ready to challenge the BJP government at the Centre. He said that if the BJP government at the Center has to be removed, then before that it is necessary to bring the Congress government in Rajasthan. Only after this the BJP government can be removed from Delhi. He said that we will form Congress government in Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh. But before that, the history has to be changed in Rajasthan to form the Congress government again. Small-fat parties will also fight in Tonk During his speech, Sachin Pilot while taunting parties like AIMIM and RLP said that elections are near. In such a situation, many small parties will also hit their own hands. But there is nothing wrong with it. It is a democracy, they also have the right to contest elections. But such parties, who want to get votes in the name of religion, society, religion, temple and mosque. This is wrong. Please tell that Tonk assembly is a Muslim dominated seat. Due to this, AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi also addressed the public meeting in the past. In which he announced to field his party’s candidate from Tonk. Apart from this, RLP chief MP Hanuman Beniwal had also talked about fielding his candidate from Tonk. Pilot attacked on Yunus Khan Last time Sachin Pilot defeated his rival Yunus Khan from BJP by 54 thousand votes. Attacking about this, he said that he does not know whom the BJP will field in front of him this time. But everyone knows what happened to those who contested the last election. Referring to Yunus Khan, Pilot said that I do not think that now BJP will give him a chance to contest elections. Well, whatever election they contest in front of them, their sacks and beds will definitely be tied. He claimed that this time the Congress would win with more votes than last time.

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