Assembly Elections 2024: Who are the ticket contenders in BJP and Congress, know

BJP and Congress tussle for ticket

-Chandraprakash Sharma ‘Chandu’-
quota. Rajasthan Political News: Both BJP and Congress parties have started preparations for the assembly elections, emphasis is being laid on strengthening the organization in both the parties. The Congress is making efforts to inform the public about the flagship schemes of the state government by organizing meetings in the wards.

On the other hand, BJP workers are going among the public through the organization to take the schemes of the Narendra Modi government of the center to the common people and the failure of the state government. In Kota North, UDH minister Shanti Dhariwal is knocking voters door-to-door under Hath Se Hath Jodo campaign. Along with this, the minister’s son Amit Dhariwal is also getting the blessings of the voters.

It is believed that Shanti Dhariwal or Amit Dhariwal will get ticket from Kota North. Former BJP MLA from Kota North Prahlad Gunjal, former MP Ijyaraj Singh Ladpura, MLA Kalpana Devi, city BJP district president Krishna Kumar Soni, Satyaprakash Sharma Sattu Balita, former president Hemant Vijay and Kota North Municipal Corporation Leader of Opposition Luv Sharma. is in discussion for Former MLA Bhawani Singh Rajawat is also a contender from BJP from Ladpura assembly constituency.

BJP and Congress leaders are fighting for the assembly ticket in South Kota. Rakhi Gautam, Ravindra Tyagi and Shivkant Nandwana, all three contenders for ticket from Congress in Kota South have started election preparations. In Kota South, Rakhi Gautam, Ravindra Tyagi and Shivkant Nandwana are being considered as strong contenders for the ticket from the Congress side. Rakhi Gautam has been active in the South Legislative Assembly for the last 5 consecutive years.

During this, Rakhi Gautam has done various works including promoting the flagship schemes of the Gehlot government, besides strengthening the organization, apart from respecting the elderly and women. The Congress party has also recently appointed Mrs. Gautam as the State President of the Mahila Congress.

City Congress President Ravindra Tyagi has continuously played an important role in organizing sit-in demonstrations against the policies of the central government. He is always among the workers. Tyagi Kota is continuously working in the southern wards to take the state government’s flagship schemes and the unprecedented development done by UDH minister Shanti Dhariwal in Kota to the public.

State Secretary Shivkant Nandwana is also continuously organizing meetings of the workers in the wards regarding Mera Booth – Sabse Strongest program and conveying the information about the flagship schemes of the state government and the development works done by UDH Minister Shanti Dhariwal in Kota to the general public.

MLA Sandeep Sharma, state president of All India Gurjar Gaur Brahmin Mahasabha, Vishal Sharma, BJP leader Vikas Sharma and Rakesh Jain Madhia are considered strong contenders for the ticket from Bharatiya Janata Party in South Kota.

Simple natured rich MLA Sandeep Sharma is continuously active among the common people after winning the election. Sandeep Sharma has also raised various problems of Kota South in the Assembly. Recently, meetings are being organized by Sandeep Sharma for election preparations in the wards. In which BJP workers are participating in large numbers.

State President of Swami Vivekananda Youth Fruit and BJP leader Vikas Sharma has also been continuously active among the public through mass movement and social service against Congress. Brahmin face Vishal Sharma is also continuously active in BJP politics from Kota South through social service. Vishal Sharma is always ready to serve all societies.

Apart from Kota South, Vishal Sharma is also very active in the politics of Delhi Jaipur. Rakesh Jain, the city president of the BJP business cell, has also been continuously active in the politics of Kota South through organization, business and social service. All the four leaders are continuously working to take Narendra Modi’s plans to the people in the BJP, while they have been continuously active in works like protests and public agitations regarding the failures of the state government.

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