Big News !Indians to get new e-passport with advanced features in next two months, check feature and other details

Coming soon e-passport: The common citizen of the country can get the first e-passport in the next two months. All the technical tests of these chip-enabled passports are almost complete. Indian Security Press Nashik is printing 70 lakh e-passport blank booklets in the first year. This press has got an order to print 4.5 crore chip passports.

With the new passport having 41 advanced features, the immigration process will be completed within minutes at airports across 140 countries that comply with International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) standards. In appearance it will be similar to the existing passport booklet. Only one page in the middle of the booklet will have a radio frequency identification chip and a small foldable antenna at the end.

The chip will have our biometric details and all those things which are already in the booklet. The scheme called Passport Seva Program 2.0 (PSP) is yet to start. The scheme will be implemented in a phased manner so that there is no rush at the centers for chipped passports. For this, passport centers are being upgraded technically.

old passport e-passport
which data Thumb impression, photo name, date of birth and details of other documents. Photo, fingerprints, geometric image of face, eyes, digital signature etc.
data store Booklets have a maximum of 60 pages. then reissue The 64kb of data store in the chip will be there forever.
verification Somewhere it takes half an hour and somewhere it takes up to an hour. Time will be halved. Verification in minutes.
fees Rupee. 1500 to 5500 Fee not decided yet
Technique Not in booklet. 41 Advance Features
duplicate Duplicate books are now created. Duplicate passport cannot be made from the chip.
data security Data remains unprotected if notebook is stolen Digital lock will remain in chip, change is not possible
life Fear of getting the pages of the booklet damaged by water, fire. All the information in the e-chip will be safe for life.

Advantage: The system will catch lookalikes

According to sources in the Ministry of External Affairs, modern biometric systems will be installed at the airport for e-passports. In this, the facial image stored in the passport and the live image during immigration will be matched in seconds. If someone has come posing as a person, the system will catch him immediately. At present, many times the old photo in the booklet passport and the live image do not match.

Passport checking with foreign chip reader continues

The information entered in the passport booklet and the chip information have been adapted from ICAO. Indian e-passport is under trial run with chip readers from different countries. The chip should not be read, the digital signature should be matched immediately, and the chip data should be clearly displayed on the receiver computer, so the technical test is almost complete.

Three questions related to e-passport…

How do I get an e-passport? After the launch of PSP 2.0, all passports produced will be chipped.

Even if the old book is empty – You can apply for a new one by submitting the old passport at the designated centre.

What will you get on re-issue? If you re-issue the old booklet after the launch, you will get only e-passport.

Preparation of a uniform passport around the world

The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) currently has 193 member states. The organization has started the process of implementing a uniform e-passport in these countries, so that digital passports of international excellence become the new standard for immigration.

The Indian passport has also been made compliant with these standards. The National Informatics Center is the technical partner in this work of the Ministry of External Affairs, in which the ISP has been connected under a tripartite agreement.

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