You will be shocked to hear the benefits of drinking donkey’s milk

Donkey The one whose name makes everyone laugh, today his milk is being sold for thousands of rupees. After all, what is there in its milk, due to which its demand has increased a lot in the market.!! So come, let us tell you today about the benefits of its milk. Donkey’s milk is considered a panacea for curing TB, asthma, jaundice, allergies and many other diseases. Because of this, the demand for donkey milk has increased a lot these days in Montenegro, a country in South Eastern Europe. Looking at the benefits and demand of this milk, it is being sold there at Rs.3680 per litre. On the other hand, in Serbia, a kilo of cheese made from donkey’s milk is being sold for around Rs 50,000.

nutritious as mother’s milk
Elements like lysozyme are found in donkey’s milk, which is very beneficial for the immune system. Due to which it is believed that donkey’s milk increases the immunity of children. Citing many researches, scientists also say that the same nutritious elements are found in donkey’s milk which are in mother’s milk. For this reason donkey’s milk is considered as nutritious as mother’s milk.

heal allergies
Fotis Papademus, a professor at Cyprus University, says that it has been proved in many researches and researches that it strengthens the immune system, which makes donkey milk beneficial for people with weak immunity.

Cure jaundice and TB in ten days
People in India drink donkey’s milk to cure jaundice. Pashucharan, a village resident, had bought a donkey for Rs 3500 to carry fodder, but when he came to know that black jaundice is cured by drinking donkey’s milk, from that day he started selling this milk. The profit in selling his milk increased even more when the villagers came to know that even deadly diseases like TB can be cured.

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