Country: Congress President Kharge said, Modi government owes crores of MNREGA wages to 18 states and union territories

Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge has once again targeted the Modi government on Wednesday. He claimed that even after cutting the budget by one-third, the Modi government still owes Rs 6,366 crore to MGNREGA wages in 18 states and union territories of the country.

MNREGA appreciated

At the same time, he also praised MNREGA, the flagship rural employment guarantee program started by the Congress 18 years ago. He said that on this day in the year 2005, our Congress-UPA government had implemented MNREGA to ensure the right to work to crores of people.

Modi government cut the budget of MNREGA

Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge said on social media that the budget for MGNREGA has been cut by 33 per cent this year by the Modi government. Also, the present government owes Rs 6,366 crore towards MGNREGA wages to 18 states and union territories. Nevertheless, this scheme started by the Congress is important for about 14.42 crore workers. More than half of these are women.

MGNREGA Epidemic Aid

The Congress President said that when the lockdown was imposed due to the Corona epidemic, MNREGA became a life saver for the workers. MGNREGA compensated 80 per cent of the income loss during the pandemic and played a positive role in helping people maintain their livelihoods in difficult times. He said that MNREGA was passed on this day under the leadership of Manmohan Singh.

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