Pakistan went to Anju को आय भारत की याद, बोली- भारत मेरी मान है अवर में अपने मान के पास…

Pakistan went to Anju কাবর ফির স্র স্র্ত কে যাডান আন্য়ে है। Anju came to Pakistan from Alwar in Rajasthan and she said that she wanted to come to India. I am very sad. आष्य केहना है की मेरी शुर्ण से मेरे फामिली को कापी जालील होना पाद रहा है.

Pakistan remembered Anju

Pakistan remembered Anju

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In the BBC cake report, Anju said that she is very happy in Pakistan this time, and everyone cares a lot about her, but her mind is that she will return to India and meet her children. उसे अपने बाचेश की भूत फिक्र है अव्य अपने बाचेक्स को उसके अच्चा आारहा है है वह फाउके से मिलना है है.

Anju wants to meet her children

Anju reached Pakistan

Anju said that she wanted to face all the questions after returning to India. He said that there was a mistake in the game, and my family had to face a lot of difficulties because of that. What will be my image in my children’s mind?

India wants to tell everyone the truth

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Anju ka kahena hai ki main kaise bhi karke bharat zapahan hai hai ang main thaan sakiti hoon. I want to cheat everything and I want to answer the questions of people there. I want to go home and tell you that I went of my own free will and no one forced me.

Anju is happy in Pakistan

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Sanju said that coming to Pakistan was my personal decision and the case increased so much that I could not go back to the premises quickly. Manju says that she wants to meet her children once because she misses them a lot. He said that I left my children alone. He said that I am working and I left the children with them for the first year.

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