Keep these special things in mind to increase the business of milk, these are beneficial for you

Dairy Tips Along with farming, people of Punjab are also adopting milk business. From selling milk to making products from milk, they are also sold. Milk production is a very important part of the economy of Punjab. Milk makes a major contribution to the human diet. India ranks first in milk production in the world. Some of the measures that can be adopted to increase milk production and proper maintenance of animals are as follows –

Nowadays all dairy and farmers associated with this profession are making a lot of efforts to increase the production of milk as well as to improve the quality of milk. Apart from this, it is very important to focus on clean milk production to increase the milk market. Good quality milk is essential for good quality dairy products.

Things to consider when choosing

It is very important to pay attention to cleanliness while choosing. The milking area should be free from dung, mud, dirty straw, flies, mosquitoes, rats etc. The udder, hind legs, tail of the animal should be washed with warm water and wiped dry. Nipples must be disinfected with red medicine.

Apart from this, no injection or medicine should be used for animals, rather milk should be extracted naturally. The number of germs in the first grains is high, so the first grains should be selected separately and should not be mixed with drinking milk.

At the time of milk selection, check the first lines carefully to see if there is any leakage etc. All the milk should be taken out. The choice must always be fulfilled. If the machines are used for picking, pay attention to their cleanliness and the company should get the machines checked on time.

Cattle Farm and Shed Management

Animal enclosures and sheds should be neat and clean. Milk absorbs bad odor quickly. This odor enters the milk and affects the quality of the milk. Floors and drains should be strong and well protected so that water and sewage can drain out easily. The shed should be free from flies, mosquitoes, dust, external parasites, snot and rats etc. The walls of manger and shed should be plastered, they should not have cracks. Harmful creatures make their homes in the cracks.

Also there should be sufficient amount of sunlight and air exchange inside the shed. Keeping these things in mind, animal parents can save their animals from diseases like small pox. By producing clean milk, we can bring the quality of milk up to international standards and make the dairy industry more profitable.

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