Mika Singh’s health deteriorated, voice is not coming out of throat, loss of crores

Mika Singh's health deteriorated, voice is not coming out of throat, loss of crores

Mika Singh, one of the most famous singers of Bollywood, recently made a shocking disclosure, he had to bear a huge loss of Rs 15 crores. Until a few days ago, he was touring the world and performing at concerts continuously, but this has taken a toll on his health.

Mika revealed that it was the first time in his long career that he had to cancel a concert due to his health. Micah told that after America he had to do shows in Bali, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Australia. Mika said that he did back-to-back shows in the US and did not get rest in between, which affected his health, especially his throat.

He said that his last show was in Dallas when he caught a cold and it affected his throat and voice. When I consulted the doctor, the doctor told me not to travel, so I did not even come to India. Mika said that his entire team suffered a loss of around Rs 15 crore as some shows had to be cancelled.

Mika said that due to not being able to perform in the show, he had to return the money of some people. He said, some people supported me a lot and allowed me to sing through CD and lip sync.

Singer suffered a huge loss of 15 crores

Fan Mika Singh also made it clear that now your health is better than before. Now they are slowly recovering. From this week they are also starting recording etc. Soon he will be performing in Bali, Singapore, Malaysia, Jakarta and some other countries.

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