Entertainment: Rakhi Adil Controversy: Rakhi Sawant responded to Adil Khan’s allegations, revealed this shocking

Controversy queen ‘Rakhi Sawant’ is once again in the news. She has responded to the allegations leveled by her ex-husband Adil Khan Durrani. Recently Adil has been released from jail.

In such a situation, as soon as he comes out of jail, he has leveled a barrage of allegations against Rakhi. Adil told that Rakhi had filed a false case against the Iranian girl by giving her money. In such a situation, Rakhi has broken the silence in this matter. Along with this, he has also made a shocking disclosure.

rakhi and adil

Rakhi spoke on the allegations made by Adil

Adil Khan Durrani, released from jail, held a press conference. Where he has made many allegations against Rakhi. In such a situation, now Rakhi’s reaction has come to the fore on these allegations.

He said that Adil was in jail because of a sexual harassment case filed by his Iranian girlfriend. Not because of them. For them, he was just in jail for 22 days.

Rakhi Sawant said this about Adil

Meanwhile, Rakhi has made another shocking revelation. Rakhi told that Adil sleeps with other boys and girls. Along with this, he also wanted to kill Rakhi in Dubai and Mumbai.

Describing the allegations leveled by Adil as false, he said that he has not given three lakh rupees to anyone. Rakhi further said that Adil told the Iranian girl that he had to go to Bigg Boss, that’s why he is with Rakhi.

Adil accuses Rakhi

In an interview given to the media, Adil Khan told that Rakhi had given about three lakh rupees to the Iranian girl. After which the Iranian girl filed a false case of sexual harassment on Adil. Because of which he had to stay in jail.

When did Rakhi and Aadil get married?

Please tell that Adil and Rakhi had married each other in May last year. The information about marriage was given by Rakhi on social media after seven months of marriage. Please tell that Rakhi had converted to Islam after her marriage. He named her Fatima.


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