में भारत में राचा इतिहास, Chandrayan 3 ने की कैंड पर की सुफल लंदिंग, खुषी से जुमें भार्टिया

Chandrayan 3: चंड्रायान 3 ने सुफ्डान पर दिन्डिंग कर ली है है अवर देश में अज गुष्टी का है। Today India has created history and once again the success of India is being seen by the whole world. சான் पर आज चंडर्यान उटर गाया है आया अगय दूरी दूनिया भारत की यह कवाह की गवाह है बानी है.

Chandrayan 3 made history


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Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed his happiness and congratulated the entire country. Pradhan Mantri Modi said that today’s day will be remembered by the whole world and it will be remembered for ages.

The world became a witness of a historical moment

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Let’s say that all the people of the country, including Prime Minister Modi, have congratulated me on this. Pradhan Mantri Modi said that congratulations to all the scientists of the country today and because of the scientists, the name of India has risen even higher.

In India, he wrote a new history

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On the other hand, ISRO tweeted that the Chandrayaan-3 mission has reached its destination and the Chandrayaan-3 has landed successfully. Pradhan Mantri Modi said that Chandrayaan’s soft landing on the moon is a historic moment and we congratulate all the countrymen for it.

ISRO chief Es Somnath said about the soft landing of Chandrayaan-3 on the moon that India has reached the South Pole of Chand. Prime Minister Modi is connected to South Africa at the ISRO center and Prime Minister Modi is watching the landing process of Chandrayaan-3 and has gone to Johannesburg to attend the BRICS conference.

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