Rakhi Sawant tearfully narrated the story of miscarriage, said – Due to this act of her husband, blood started flowing…!

Rakhi Sawant tearfully narrated the story of miscarriage, said – Due to this act of her husband, blood started flowing…!

Rakhi Sawant is known for her bold and bold style. Rakhi does not think much before doing anything. They are very carefree. These days Rakhi Sawant has once again come into the discussion about her husband. Suddenly the news of marriage, then the case of assault and after that the husband reached the jail came to the fore. Now Rakhi’s husband Adil Durani has been released from jail and as soon as he came out, he made many serious allegations against Rakhi Sawant. Rakhi Sawant has broken the silence on these allegations by holding a press conference.

Rakhi’s miscarriage

Rakhi Sawant claimed in her recent press conference that she was pregnant. As soon as she came to know about her husband’s betrayal, she started bleeding, due to which she had a miscarriage. He lost his child. Rakhi said, ‘When he did not agree to marry me, I was pregnant at that time. Then I came to know that he had a girlfriend. He had illegal relations with many boys and girls. Because of this, I suffered so much mental torture that I miscarried, I started bleeding, which can happen to anyone while walking, I did not get abortion done. I believe in Islam, it is a sin, it is a crime. Adil has to go to Ekta Kapoor’s show. He is doing it for publicity.

Rs 10 lakh was given to Adil for his mother’s treatment

Rakhi also told, ‘When I went to Bigg Boss, I gave a check of 10 lakhs to Adil for my mother’s treatment. My mother wanted to come in Bigg Boss Marathi, but he did not allow her to come and came himself. I thought my mother would come, but she had come.

Adil’s claims

Adil has made several serious allegations, in which he has said that Rakhi had not divorced Ritesh before marrying him. Adil claims that she still takes money from him. Adil’s second claim is that Rakhi made nude videos by giving him drugs. After marrying her, she secretly met her old husband Ritesh in London. Adil Durani told that Rakhi used to beat him badly. Adil Durani also told that Rakhi bought him a luxury car and a house in Dubai.

Adil had spent more than 2.5 crores on Rakhi

Apart from this, Adil Durani claims that he spent a total of Rs 2.8 crore on Rakhi Sawant. Also said that Rakhi had made a false rape case against an Iranian girl by paying Rs 3 lakh. Adil also told that Rakhi Sawant does not have a uterus, due to which she can never become a mother. Even after marriage, Rakhi used to lie in front of the media. She used to ask in front of the media, ask Adil when will he get married.

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