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There is a big update regarding Chandrayaan-3. Scientists have given all commands to Lander Vikram. That is, the commands have been uploaded to the lander. Today afternoon those commands will also be locked. There is news that scientists will try to land the lander on the lunar surface from a height of 30 and a half kilometers. The landing process will be started from 5.45 pm itself. Let us tell you that the time of touchdown on the surface of the moon is fixed at 6.4 pm.

The whole of India wants to see the moment when Chandrayaan 3 will land on the moon and hoist the tricolor. 6.4 minutes in the evening means that moment when the whole world would be looking towards Indian scientists. India’s chest will become wide with pride. Chandrayaan 3 is very close to the moon. Where he is working properly. Sending pictures continuously. On August 20 itself, the lander Vikram sent a video to the Indian Space Research Organisation.

A day before that some interesting pictures of the moon were captured in the camera. These pictures are giving hope to the country and the world. Scientists are excited. That Chandrayaan 3 will be successful on its mission. The lander of Chandrayaan-3 will land on the moon from a height of 30 km. The entire process of reaching the lunar surface will take 17 minutes 21 seconds. This is the time which is most important. Scientists are calling it 17 minutes of terror. The scientists at the ISRO center would be closely monitoring the minutes of terror, second by second. The country is looking towards those scientists with hopeful eyes.

According to Nilesh M Desai, director of ISRO Space Applications Center, 17 minutes can be called quite frightening.

Actually, there is a fear about the last 17 minutes because the lander of Chandrayaan-3 will work on its own during this period. During this, ISRO scientists will not be able to give any command. Also, the lander will have to land at the right time, at the right height and using the right amount of fuel. There will be no room for error for the lander in the last moments.

In 2019, Chandrayaan-2 had failed in these critical moments. Then the lander reached a height of 2.1 kilometers from the lunar surface, but crashed due to a minor technical glitch. This time it should not happen, concrete arrangements have been made for this.

In the last four years, Russia, China, Japan and Israel have also tried to land on the south pole of the Moon.

In the last four years, Russia, China, Japan and Israel have also tried to land on the south pole of the Moon. All these countries got failure at the last moment. But the rocky intention of the scientists of India is giving auspicious sign not only to the scientists of the country but also to the scientists of the whole world.

Let us tell you that for the successful landing of Chandrayaan-3, scientists have not left any room for error and preparations have been strengthened because Chandrayaan-2 has failed earlier. ISRO scientists have full hope that after the changes in Chandrayaan-3, the dream of soft landing on the moon will come true.

Features of Chandrayaan-3: –

– Landing at high speed
– more fuel than before
– change in design
Solar panels all around
– more laser cameras than ever

Everything going according to plan, Chandrayaan 3 has reached the landing page. The countdown for Lander Vikram to land on the moon has also started. The date of August 23 has also been very thoughtfully fixed for the landing.

Now know the reason for that..

After landing on the lunar surface, the lander and rover of Chandrayaan-3 will use solar energy to carry out their mission.
There is day on the moon for 14 days and night for the next 14 days, if Chandrayaan will land on the moon at such a time when it is night there, it will not be able to work.
After calculating all the things, ISRO has come to the conclusion that from August 23, the south pole of the moon will be able to receive sunlight.
– The period of 14 days of night on the moon is ending on 22 August.
Between August 23 and September 5, there will be sunlight on the South Pole, with the help of which Chandrayaan’s rover will be able to charge and carry out its mission.

they say

According to Pramod Kale, former director of ISRO, the temperature at the south pole of the moon goes up to minus 230 degrees, it is not possible to work Chandrayaan at the south pole in such a harsh winter. This is the reason why this mission will be carried out for 14 days when there will be light on the South Pole.

If the soft landing of Chandrayaan-3’s lander Vikram is successful, Rover Pragyan will come out of it, and will walk there and give information about the water and the environment there. Apart from water or ice, many other natural resources can also be found there.

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