Tricolor hoisted on Europe’s highest peak, UP’s star conquered Mount Elbrus. Daily Hindi News

Hardoi: Maurya, a mountaineer from Hardoi, has scripted history by hoisting the tricolor on Mount Elbrus, the highest peak in Europe. He did this feat on 22 August. There is an atmosphere of happiness in the entire district including his village on this achievement of Abhinit. Deputy Chief Minister Keshav Prasad Maurya has also congratulated him by tweeting. The height of Mount Elbrus peak of Russia is 18510 feet and it is the highest peak in Europe. Abhinit Maurya took ten days to climb it and then he unfurled the country’s tricolor on August 22 at 6.08 am. Climbed in odd circumstances, starring mountaineer Ant-Sant resident of Kothawan, development block of Hardoi In a conversation with NBT Online, he told that he had built a base camp in Taraskol, about 1400 km ahead of Moscow. From where he left for the climb on the morning of 14 August with his guide Salahuddin. Apart from them, there were eight climbers from other countries including Japan, Iran, Thailand who came out together. During the climb many times there were adverse situations on the way but he did not lose courage and continued to move forward. Encountered a snow storm on August 21, Abhinat told that as soon as he left his tent for the final climb at 10 pm on August 21, he was surrounded by a sudden snow storm. For about 20 minutes, he kept battling between life and death. When the storm calmed down, the temperature had reached minus 25 degrees and the icy wind blowing at a speed of 50 km per hour also stopped the way many times but they kept moving forward with the spirit of bringing glory to the country. On 22nd at 6 am Hoisted a 77-feet tricolor, Abhinit told that on August 22, at 6.08 am, he reached the top of Mount Elbrus, was completely tired after climbing, but as soon as the tricolor was hoisted on the top, his hands automatically got up to salute. . Here he also hoisted the 77 feet tricolor on the auspicious occasion of the country’s 77th Independence Day. He also gave the message of environmental protection campaign and he sang the national anthem of India there, as well as performed Surya Namaskar himself to make people aware of yoga. Deputy CM congratulated Abhinit on this success, Deputy CM of the state Keshav Prasad Maurya has congratulated him by tweeting. On the other hand, DM Mangla Prasad Singh also congratulated Abhinit over the phone and described his achievement as historic. Abhinay Maurya will return to India on 26 August. The people of Abhineet’s village Aunt-Sant celebrated by bursting firecrackers. There is an influx of congratulators at his house. Tears of happiness could not stop from Chandrapal’s eyes, he told that his son has made his chest proud today.

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