HIMALAYAN 450 is coming to complete the work of KTM, will get powerful features, price will be less than before

HIMALAYAN 450: One of the most iconic bike brands in India, Royal Enfield is all set to make a big splash soon. Soon its new bike Himalayan 450 will be launched by the company. The company has issued a notice informing the customers about this. A glimpse of the bike is also visible in the teaser released.

Customers were waiting for this bike for a long time and now it has become clear from the teacher that this bike is going to be launched in the market soon. The sale of this bike will be started from the month of November and it was being speculated that in the year This bike will be launched in 2024 but now in 2023 itself the entry of this bike is going to be seen in the market.

Its design will be completely different from before

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The Himalayan 450 has also been seen many times during the road test. This time everything will be different in this bike including features and engine, although it will still be projected as a cruiser cum adventure bike. Although it is still a great design I am about to enter the market. This bike will get a 450 cc liquid cooled single cylinder engine and this engine will generate 40 bhp power and 37 Nm torque.

Himalayan 450 will get more features than before

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In this bike you will get to see LED lights as well as front of science down for suspension. This is the first time that you are getting side down fork suspension in a Royal Enfield motorcycle. Along with this, along with fully digital instrument control, features like Bluetooth will also be available. In this, the front wheel will be 21 inches and the rear wheel will be 19 inches.

Know what will be the price of Himalayan 450 –

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You will find many new designs in this bike and this single variant is also done as above. It will be available in 6 color options and the price of the motorcycle can range from 216000 to 224000. At present, you will get a 411 cc engine, whose power has been increased in the new model and it is being said that its price may be slightly higher.

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