Lack of teachers in Devpur school, parents are taking out TC

Lack of teachers in Devpur school, parents are taking out TC

Dhamtari, August 24 (HS). There is a shortage of teachers in the government school of Devpur for the last two years. Parents and students are continuously pleading with the administration for the posting of teachers, but it is not serious. Enraged by this, the foster and rural collectors have reached the collectorate and demanded that the teachers be posted in the school soon, so that the foster does not withdraw the TC of their children here.

Gram Panchayat Devpur Sarpanch Chetan Lal Yadu, Upsarpanch Pannalal Sahu, villagers Chandrabhan Sahu, Khamhar Singh Kanwar, Thameshwar Kumar, Purnanand, Bhojram, Angeshwar Ram, Nemchand Sahu and other villagers reached the collectorate on 24 August. By handing over a memorandum to the Collector in the Collectorate, the villagers told that there is a shortage of teachers in the Government Primary School Devpur for the last two years. The parents and villagers here have been continuously demanding the posting of teachers from the administration, but the administration is not serious about their demands. In such a situation, he had to come to the collectorate in anger. Initially the registered number of students in the school was 95, but due to shortage of teachers, now many parents here are taking out TCs of their children and enrolling them in private schools, so at present the registered number of students here has reduced to 88. If teachers are not posted here in time, many parents have warned the administration to remove TCs from their children.

Parents allege that due to not having enough teachers in the school, studies are affected here. Due to which the future of the students is in danger. In such a situation, the parents have demanded the administration to post the teachers here soon within a week. If the demands are not met, the villagers have also warned of protesting by locking the school. The woman officer who took the memorandum in the Collectorate has assured the villagers to post teachers here after discussing with the District Education Officer.

Complaint about conversion in the village

The villagers of Gram Panchayat Devpur have complained to the officer alleging that a person living in the village has converted. Calling himself a pastor, that person collects 50 to 60 people from outside in the village every Sunday to offer prayers and gives many kinds of inducements to convert, which is not fair. The environment of the village has started deteriorating due to the movement of outsiders in the village. When the concerned person was called to the village by the villagers and advised the outsiders not to do such work, on the contrary, he threatens to implicate the villagers, causing resentment among the villagers. Some time ago, the atmosphere of the village had also deteriorated due to this matter, but now the complaints of conversion have started again, in such a situation, the villagers have appealed to the administration to solve this matter, so that somehow untoward things do not happen in future. yes.

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