Entertainment : OMG 2: Neither the scenes will be cut, nor will the dialogues be changed, the film will be released on OTT without any cuts

Pankaj Tripathi and Akshay Kumar starrer OMG 2 is receiving great reviews from the audience. The film is also doing well at the box office. The film was given an A certificate by the censor board with dozens of cuts. Because of which teenagers could not see the film. In such a situation, now the makers have made an announcement related to the film. The uncut version of the film will be released on OTT.

Film released with dozens of cuts

Director Amit Rai wanted to show the film to people of all classes. But this could not happen. The CBFC i.e. Censor Board made changes in the film and passed the film by giving it an A certificate. Due to which only people above 18 years can watch the film.

During an interview, the director said that he made this film for everyone. But he was heartbroken when the film got an A certificate. We had demanded a U/A certificate from the Censor Board for the film. But this did not happen.

omg song 2

no pornography in the movie

Amit Rai further says that ‘the audience liked the film very much. The motive of the film was clear. We have not shown any vulgarity in the story of the film. The story has been presented in such a way that it does not seem obscene. Reality has been talked about in a manner in the film.

omg 2

Will release the film without any cuts

When this question was asked to Amit Rai that will this film be released on OTT without any cuts? So the director answers yes on this. He said that we will show the uncut version. The film which was not cleared by the censor board. He didn’t want people to see it. But the audience saw the film and also gave their reaction.


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