On August 25, people with Virgo can get progress, know the status of other zodiac signs..

Live Hindi news :- Position of planets- Saturn is in Leo. Moon is in Aquarius. Mars is in Aries. Both Ketu and Jupiter are in Sagittarius.

Aries – Will work with intelligence. Economic condition is very good. Will make a lot of progress in employment. There will be some newness in love. There is a lot of improvement in health. Keep offering water to Shani Dev. donate red item

Taurus – Improvement in health. Good time for the students. This is the best time for students studying maths and science. The state of love is better than ever.

Health is going moderate. Do not invest in business now.

Gemini – The money kept back will come back. Spoiled work will be done. Pay some attention to the health of the mother. An atmosphere of romance is being created. Serious injuries can result. crossing carefully The rest is OK. donate yellow item

Cancer- Serious injury can happen. Some may run into cross trouble. possibility of infection. crossing carefully Health will be moderate. Distance remains in love. Have faith in yourself. Business is still moderate.

Leo-Jeevanshi’s cooperation will be there. Good days will pass, you will get the love of your brothers and sisters. Health is better than before. Everything else is going fine. Business will be moderate. Keep yellow things with you. Control anger.

Virgo- Enemies will prevail. Health is improving a lot. You will get profit in business. Physical condition is better than before. Pay attention to the child side. Love is moderate Don’t invest in business now.

Libra- Control anger. Don’t make any haste. Will be very troubled by the excess of expenditure. Distance remains in love. Business will continue at a moderate pace. Overall a good time.

Scorpio – Spoiled work will be done. Vehicle purchase is possible. The mind will be a little disturbed, but everything will be fine. The state of love is not good. Keep the blue item with you. Offer water to Lord Shiva.

Sagittarius – Will remain powerful. Will make a lot of progress in livelihood. Can start new business soon. Health is moderate. The state of love is better than ever. Keep reciting Bajrang Baan.

Capricorn- The stalled money will come back. Health is improving. Both love and business are better than ever. The economic condition of the house will be good. Luck will support you, just pay attention to your health.

Aquarius – You are making progress in every field. Decision making ability will increase. Time is good for the students. This is the best time to take business decisions. Offer water to Lord Ganesha.

Pisces- Stop your decisions for a few days. Fear will remain, there will be some restlessness in the mind. Health is moderate. Can start new business. There is still distance in love. Offer water to Lord Shiva.

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