This player is making a place in Team India by making Rohit Sharma’s wife a weapon, will replace Hardik Pandya in the World Cup!

Rohit Sharma: Team India has to participate in the ODI World Cup in the coming time, India is hosting the ODI World Cup 2023 and this tournament is going to start from 5 October. This tournament is very important from the point of view of Team India because the last time Team India won the ODI World Cup when the World Cup was hosted by India.

Many of the cricket teams participating in this ODI World Cup have announced their probable teams and there are possibilities that the same team may now be seen playing in the ODI World Cup. The BCCI management can soon announce its team for the ODI World Cup 2023. But a news is being heard that, a player is making entry inside the team only because he is a very good friend of captain Rohit Sharma’s wife.

There is a good friendship between Shardul Thakur and Ritika Sajdeh

Shardul Thakur and Ritika Sharma

There is a very good friendship between Team India’s “Lord Thakur” i.e. Shardul Thakur and Ritika Sajdeh, wife of Team India captain Rohit Sharma. These two have been seen together on many special occasions. Apart from this, Shardul Thakur shares a very good bonding with Rohit Sharma as well.

If for some reason Shardul Thakur is not included in the squad selected for the World Cup, then Shardul can recommend Ritika Sajdeh and there are possibilities that Ritika Sajdeh can also recommend Shardul to Rohit.

Shardul Thakur can replace Hardik Pandya

Team India’s current vice-captain and team all-rounder Hardik Pandya is struggling these days due to poor form, in such a situation, the BCCI management can give a chance to Shardul Thakur in his place. If this happens in reality, then it will be nothing less than a nightmare for Hardik and Shardul Thakur can easily replace Hardik’s place inside Team India.

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