Nothing can stop you from success provided

Whenever we lose, we feel that I wish someone would motivate us. Tells us about our mistake. After all, why should we always depend on others to encourage us? Why not learn how to motivate yourself? Believe me no one can stop you from success if you know how to motivate yourself. If you do not know then you can try these remedies.
Identify the thoughts that are demotivating you and write down on a paper the thoughts that are preventing you from moving forward or the things or negative thoughts that are keeping you from moving forward.
Then one by one, remove those negative thoughts or negative things from inside and replace them with positive thoughts. Apart from this, it is better to make one big and great goal than to make many small goals.
Then divide that big goal into smaller goals and set time for them.
Complete them within the stipulated time with proper planning and hard work.
Reward yourself when you meet a goal or do a good deed. By doing this, self-confidence increases.
Take out some time every day and read something related to your favorite subjects, read about new things, read inspirational books, read motivational blogs, read biographies of successful people.

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