Farrukhabad:- The supply inspector filed a case of black marketing against the Kotdar for not giving the remaining food grains.

Supply Inspector Sudhanshu Yadav filed a case against Ration Kotedar Awadhesh Kumar of Gram Panchayat Fatehpur Pariuli of Nawabganj block. .The supply inspector of Kayamganj tehsil Sudhanshu Yadav has registered a case of black marketing on the ration quotadar of Fatehpur Pariuli, accused of disobeying the departmental order and not giving the remaining food grains. Noteworthy. That a case of black marketing of ration has been registered against Awadhesh Kumar, ration kotedar of village panchayat Fatehpur Pariuli of Merapur police station area. Kotedar Awadhesh had given an application expressing his inability to run the ration shop. Whose investigation was done. So it came to know that Kotedar is not healthy. In such a situation, Kotedar Awadhesh was instructed to respond within three days by providing three months’ ration of wheat, sugar, rice and millet stock to Kotedar Vishuna Devi of village Diura Mahsona. Despite the departmental order, ration quotadar Awadhesh Kumar did not provide the remaining ration stock in defiance of the departmental order.

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