If you also want to be lean, then definitely include gourd in the diet, it will remove belly and waist fat.

If you also want to be lean, then definitely include gourd in the diet, it will remove belly and waist fat.

Weight Loss Vegetables: We try many ways to lose weight, but have you ever thought of losing weight with gourd. Let us know how this vegetable is helpful in reducing weight fast and how to consume it.

Must include bottle gourd in diet

Bottle Gourd For Weight Loss: Bottle gourd is considered very beneficial for health as well as weight loss. It contains water content, so it is advised to include it in your weight loss diet. If you are trying to lose weight then you should include bottle gourd in your diet. It can also be helpful in detoxing the body along with weight loss. The best thing is that you can consume it in any way. It can help in reducing belly fat. Let us know how to consume bottle gourd to lose weight.

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Bottle gourd for weight gain and abdominal obesity. Bottle gourd for weight loss and belly fat

Consume bottle gourd like this for weight loss, it will help in melting body fat

bottle gourd juice

You can also consume bottle gourd juice for weight loss. For this you have to grate bottle gourd and then extract its juice with the help of cotton cloth. Or you can also extract its juice in the mixer. You can drink it simply or you can consume it by adding a little black salt and black pepper to it.

gourd soup

Gourd soup can be consumed to reduce weight. For this, cut the gourd and put it in a cooker. Now put one tomato, onion and capsicum in it and boil it well. After all the vegetables are cooked, blend them well with the help of a blender. Now add cumin seeds to it and consume it regularly. Doing this will help in reducing weight.

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gourd curry

Drinking 1 glass of bottle gourd juice daily will reduce weight rapidly, these will be tremendous benefits.  Boldsky - YouTube

Bottle gourd vegetable can also help you in reducing weight. For this, cut the bottle gourd into small pieces. Heat oil in a pan. Add cumin, garlic, onion and fry it lightly, then add gourd to it, mix and cover with salt. Keep in mind that because you are making this to lose weight, keep the quantity of oil very less. Bottle gourd releases water which helps it to ripen

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