Want to see WhatsApp status of others, don’t want your name to appear in Seen, follow this trick

Instant messaging app WhatsApp is most commonly used in India for sending messages to photos and videos. Thousands of features are available on this platform. One of these is the WhatsApp Status feature, which is quite popular among people. Through this feature, users share their thoughts by writing text along with photos, videos. These statuses can be easily viewed and its information is available in the Seen option. But do you know that there is also a WhatsApp trick, with the help of which you will be able to see the status of anyone and he will not even know about it. We will tell you in detail about this trick here…

See anyone’s WhatsApp status like this

Go to WhatsApp mobile app to see anyone’s WhatsApp Status without coming to the scene.
Now open the account and click on Privacy
After doing this, you will see the option of Read Receipts, turn it off
After this, you will be able to easily see anyone’s WhatsApp status without being noticed.
After turning off the blue tick option of WhatsApp, you will be able to see the status of anyone without appearing in the scene list. Along with this, whenever a user sends you a message, he will not get this information whether you have read the message or not.

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