Pragyan Rover started work in Chandrayaan 3 mission, watch video

That day of August 23 was the biggest day in the history of the world when India stepped into that part of the moon where no other country in the world could go. With the success of India’s Chandrayaan mission, the whole world is considering India’s iron. After the successful landing of Chandrayaan, now Pragyan Rover has started its work.

Pragyan rover has started research on the surface of the moon ISRO has released the videos of Pragyan rover on Twitter Till now Pragyan rover has done 6 movements on the moon After landing Vikram Lander gave message to India that it has reached the moon Had also sent pictures.

Now Pragyan Rover has started work and for 14 days, Pragyan Rover will conduct seismic activities, temperature, mineral exploration and other research on the lunar surface. After this successful landing, India has become the fourth country in the world to have a successful soft landing on the moon. has been able to land and has become the first country to go to the South Pole

Pragyan is leaving India’s mark on the surface of the moon. India’s Ashoka Pillar and ISRO’s marks are made on the wheel of Pragyan, which is leaving its mark on the surface of the moon. At present, two vehicles of India are orbiting the moon.

In which Chandrayaan 2’s orbit was first included and Chandrayaan 3 is currently included.

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