Digital payments, what precautions should be taken

Digital payments are now happening on a large scale in India. As digital payments are gaining momentum, digital frauds are also increasing to the same extent. Many options come in front of him even in online shopping, in such a situation it is natural for him to get confused. Let us know which digital payment is valid in India and which should be used where.

banking cards

When you open your account in a bank, you get a debit card, which is also called an ATM card. Apart from this, banks also give you credit cards, but you have to think whether you really need credit cards?

If it is not there, then it will be better not to take it. Especially if you are not very comfortable with digital payments! Keep in mind that many people also suffer loss in credit card payment because its rules are complicated and the fee charged on it is very high. Your PIN is very important in both credit and debit cards, do not share it with anyone under any circumstances.

UPI payment option

UPI i.e. Uniform Payment Interface allows you to transfer or receive money instantly. It not only includes Government provided services but also includes Google Pay, PhonePe, Paytm Payments Bank etc. and is also adding customers on a large scale. However, in this also you need to be careful of fraud, because many times you get calls from different places for phishing and if you are careless, you get trapped in it.

UPI gives you a lot of convenience for payments, but frauds are also taking place in a big way due to this. Therefore, it is necessary to keep your PIN safe and do not unnecessarily give your phone in anyone’s hands.

AEPS Aadhaar Enabled Payment System

Yes! Through this, you can link your account with Aadhaar by giving your KYC information, this service is activated in 1 to 2 minutes and for this you need a micro ATM, money is withdrawn here with your physical presence, but keep in mind The thing is that you use this service only at the authorized place and at the trusted place, there is a risk of fraud by using it anywhere.

mobile wallet

Paytm is considered to be the most popular in mobile. Mobile wallets are very popular since the time of demonetisation and through this also you can pay anyone. Now through this you can also transfer to any bank account. Although it is chargeable. Mobile wallets are very popular in online transactions.

Internet banking

Yes! Whether you want to do instant money transfer or NEFT, you can do all that banking work through internet banking. In this, after applying for internet banking from any bank, you get user name and password and with that you login and visit the internet banking website of the bank and perform all the transactions.

PoS means Point of Sale

You will often see that at the time of purchase in shopping malls, payment is taken from a machine by scratching your banking cards. This machine is called Point of Sale and different banks provide this machine to you when you demand it as a merchant.

Imagine that you are opening a store, then you demand POS from the bank and from that POS machine, you can scratch any card and take payment.

As a customer, you should take care to enter your password securely while scratching the card. If money is deducted from your account without your permission, contact your bank immediately.

Apart from the above payment methods, USSD (USSD) bank prepaid cards and micro ATMs are also used a lot, but in digital payments it needs to be kept in mind whether it is completely safe or not. If it is not secure then somewhere you can be a victim of fraud.

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